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Committee Members and Their Pets: Emily & Katy

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March 16th, 2009, per usual I had been browsing local shelters when I came across a blue-eyed, yellow bundle of fur.  When I found out she was the last one left in her litter that was it, I called my husband and we went to meet her.  While in the meet and greet room, she was timid and unsure of her surroundings.  I must have been thinking out loud when I read the letters on a collar she was wearing; “K” and “T”.  At that moment she looked at me, walked over and curled up in my lap.  Four years and 50lbs later, “KT”, who now goes by KATY, is still by our side.


Four days after bringing her Free Spin Casino $100 No Deposit Bonus Codes she was admitted to the hospital with Parvo.  The vet, although empathetic, told us her chances were slim.  Twenty-five phone calls, five overnights and zero hours of sleep later, Katy won that battle and we brought her Free Spin Casino $100 No Deposit Bonus Codes.  Everyone who knows her knows she’s affectionate (when she wants to be), protective, but only when she’s not sleeping, loves warm weather and her best friends MJ and Charlie.  She HATES to play dress up but will do it to amuse me and is quite possibly the most obsessive ball player you’ve ever met (seriously people, she’ll go for hours).  This little fighter has forever changed our lives and words will never be able to describe how thankful we are that she chose us.


Committee Members and Their Pets: Cora & Pickle

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pickle2Pickle was one of three feral kittens born in the woods in Cora’s backyard. She was originally named “Sunday” because she was the first one to be caught on a Sunday. Shortly following were her two brothers, Monday and Tuesday (caught on – you guessed it – Monday and Tuesday).

Her kids, Michael and Alex, made a pretty strong case to their dad about why Cora should be allowed to keep the kitten for her birthday. After some pretty relentless pleading (and some strategic timing – they asked him while he was on a conference call), he waved his hands in surrender and the tiny kitten was allowed to stay. Monday and Tuesday were entrusted to the caring hands of the Western PA Humane Society.

Pickle was first called “Daisy” and then “Flower,” but the final decision was easy. Pickle is an oddball, full of energy and funny quirks. It just seemed fitting to her weird little personality.

The Pickle, as she’s now affectionately known, is high-energy and high-curiosity with a very short attention span. She loves to chase her best friend Leona around the house and she loves to watch any kind of tickers, like sports or news, across the television screen. For being a feral cat, she isn’t fond of loud outside noises, like sticks crunching. She’s okay with the vacuum cleaner though.

Follow the adventures of Pickle on her Facebook page.







Your Fundraising Dollars in Action

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This Letter To The Editor was sent to the Tribune-Review and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Any amount of financial support to the Western PA Humane Society means so much to real animals and real people. Sewickley Unleashed is extremely proud to raise money for such an outstanding organization. 

To the Editor:

I write to make you aware of a jewel in the midst of your region.

I am one of three caretakers of a large TNR (trap, neuter, release) colony of mostly feral cats in Lancaster County, PA. We are not affiliated with any non-profit animal welfare organization in the area and all of the money that is needed to pay for low cost spay/neuter and shots for the colony,as well as food comes out of our pockets with compassionate friends offering some help occasionally.

Since the colony is so large, it has become very expensive to provide good nutrition without compromising the coffers for vet care. We also place any individuals that can be (as well as kittens) in permanent and foster Free Spin Casino $100 No Deposit Bonus Codess, but it still demands lots of resources.

We, the caretakers, all live in multi-cat households comprised, primarily, of individuals taken as strays or ferals. Hence, our resources are limited and stretched. About a month ago it was decided that we needed to seek outside help in feeding the colony. We tried many animal welfare organizations in our area including the local pet food pantries, but none could offer any appreciable assistance.

It was then I was directed to contact Gretchen Fieser at Western PA Humane Society and Ellie’s Pet Food Pantry. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed by their response. Without hesitation, she offered to supply us with over 1,000 lbs dry food for the colony. It was incredible to believe that a shelter 4 hours away would help us when no one in our area would.

After making the 4 hour drive to make the pickup, we were graciously received by Gretchen, Ray, and staff. We were given a tour of the facility, which had just been doing intake for a group of dogs that had been brought north from a high risk shelter in Virginia. Results of the good work they do were all around us.

So, I ask those of you who live in the area to support this local gem by participating in their fundraising efforts, volunteering your time or adopting a shelter pet. They provide an invaluable service to your community. They certainly helped us when no one else would.


Anne M. Bedics, Marie Danko, Rita Curtis
Bangor, PA

Committee Members and Their Pets: Doug & Olive

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Maymart with OliveTen years ago this April, our lives changed forever when we welcomed a tiny brown puppy into our lives.  Little did we know how big an impact Olive the dachshund would make!  Like many first-time dog owners, we underestimated the time commitment that a puppy requires.  We underestimated the level of responsibility that having a pet demands.

And, we underestimated how attached we would become to our nine-pound bundle of furry joy.  This was never more evident than when Olive’s health began a rapid and alarming decline in January of this year.  What started as a limp quickly devolved into an emaciated, dehydrated, and failing dog, unable to stand on her own.  In just a matter of days, we watched helplessly as our beloved pup went from rowdy to unresponsive, despite test after test and expert veterinary care.

Luckily, after almost a month of non-stop visits to specialists, and a variety of medication, Olive began the long process of getting better–putting on weight, regaining her strength, and finding her voice after weeks of eerie silence.  This brush with serious illness helped us realize how important it is to celebrate the special relationship in our lives–canine, feline, AND human!

Unleashed Committee Members & Their Pets

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The members of the Sewickley Unleashed planning committee have been working together for 4 years and have bonded over their obsession love of animals.

Of course, they all have pets and they all love to talk about them! So in this blog series, we’ll be introducing the Committee Members and their furry families.


Committee Members and Their Pets: Alex & Leona

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To make a long story short… we didn’t find Leona. Leona found us.

One summer night in 2006, my then-boyfriend (now-fiancé) Joey was at a friend’s house in Canton, Ohio, hanging out fireside and playing cornhole with a group of our friends. Three tiny kittens trotted out of the woods and right up to the group, unafraid and ready to hang out, too. Two of the kittens were orange tabbies. The other was a tiny, scruffy-looking tortoiseshell kitten with huge green eyes and big bat-like ears.

The three kittens stuck around for the rest of the evening until eventually people started to leave. Joey got into his car and turned on his headlights, which to his surprise, illuminated the little tortoiseshell kitten in the driveway! She was sitting right in the spotlight with her head tilted to the side. Joey got out of the car and walked over to her. She went right to him, and he decided right then and there that they belonged together. He drove Free Spin Casino $100 No Deposit Bonus Codes with the little kitten sitting on the top of his head.

He asked my parents if he could surprise me, and (reluctantly) they said yes.

Originally named Leonidas (after the King of Sparta), we learned that she was a girl and changed her name to Leona. Which, incidentally, means “fierce lionness.”

Leona is now 6 years old and has developed a sassy little personality. She loves her grandma and her best pal Pickle (sometimes). Her favorite things are her lemon toy, the perch that overlooks the backyard, and going outside to sniff around and explore. She loves fireflies and snuggling near the fire, and hates the vacuum cleaner with a passion.

Oh, and the other two kittens? They were adopted by a loving family and moved into a huge farm, with lots of room to hunt and play.

And everyone lived happily ever after.

Show off your pet’s photo and win prizes!

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Luna the Fashion Kitty is fabulous. (

Do you have a dog-about-town who holds his head high and greets everyone he meets as he saunters through the Village? How about a particularly sassy cat who does things on her own terms? If your pet has a personality – and they ALL do! – show him or her off by entering the Pet Photo Contest!

Upload your pet’s best photo to the Sewickley Patch website for a chance to win a $15 Explore Sewickley gift card, a t-shirt, and your pet’s photo on display at Saturday’s Sewickley Unleashed!

Starting today and until Thursday, May 17, you may enter our contest by uploading here your photo or photos of your favorite pet. On Friday, May 18, users will vote for their favorite pet in the categories of dog, cat or “other,” based on the entries submitted to the site. That means if you have a hilarious clown fish or a wiggly ferret, enter their pictures, too! The single qualification for the photos you send is that they include a pet.

Here’s how to enter: To add your own images, first become a registered Patch user. Then add to the gallery on this page.

Be sure to include your real, full name, the name of the pet shown, and any other relevant information about what the photo shows. The email address you use to register must be a working one so we can reach you should we have questions — or should you be selected as a winner.

If you live, work, or play in Sewickley, it’s super easy to enter the contest. All you do is follow these instructions  for uploading to Entrants must own or have permission to submit the photograph. All photos must be posted by midnight to be judged on Friday, May 18. The contest is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 and older.

Remember, voting takes place on Friday, May 18, so hurry and upload your pet’s photo!

Meet our Sponsors: Ainsworth Pet Nutrition

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Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, platinum sponsor for Sewickley Unleashed, is the number one super premium pet food in grocery stores across North America. Their foundation as America’s oldest family-owned pet food company has evolved from a small regional business to a multi-tiered North American foundation that now creates a wide variety of healthy pet food and snacks.

Ainsworth Specialty Brands™include Back to Basics®, VF Complete®, The Source®, and Enhance® for sporting dogs.

The brand has attracted the attention of national media and Food Network star Rachael Ray with their DAD’S Pet Care’s portfolio. This includes Rachael Ray Nutrish™, Dad’s Pet Foods, Better Than® Treat Brand, and Kibble Select™ Complete.

Working with Ainsworth and a team of experts in pet nutrition, spokesperson Rachael Ray created Rachael Ray Nutrish™. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Nutrish go to “Rachael’s Rescue,” a charity that helps animals in need.

A local company, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition’s marketing office is located in Wexford. In sponsoring Sewickley Unleashed, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition hopes to bring awareness of their goal to the Sewickley community. It’s simple, yet significant: to provide pets with the best possible nutrition, using only the highest quality, natural ingredients.

Sewickley Unleashed is proud to be affiliated with such a wonderful organization.

Register to be a Puppet Master in the Pet Parade!

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Let’s be honest – if you’ve ever seen a Disney World parade in your life, you’ve wondered what it’s like to walk on stilts wearing giant bird wings.

While we can’t guarantee your shot at doing the princess wave down Mickey’s Main Street, we can give you one thing…. the chance to be a Puppet Master in the Sewickley Unleashed Pet Parade!

For $10.00, you can register to be the master of an enormous puppet from Puppets for Pittsburgh.

Puppets for Pittsburgh is a lending library of giant puppets imagined by visual artist Cheryl Capezzuti and created by many hands. See the puppets at events all over the region, such as the Three Rivers Arts Festival. You can see all 200 of the puppets in her collection in the First Night Pittsburgh parade, which Cheryl directs.

Check out the handcrafted puppets and learn more here.

But hurry, we’re limited to 10 puppets total for the Pet Parade.

You’ll not only make a grand entrance, you’ll make the kids’ day… and probably yours, too!

Register now at

Be sure to tell your friends about Sewickley Unleashed on May 19 by following us on Twitter and Liking our page on Facebook.


“And who is the designer of Fluffy’s lovely coat?”

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Prizes will be awarded for the following categories at the Sewickley Unleashed Pet Parade on Saturday, May 19:

  • Best Costume
  • Best Doggie Family
  • Best Float
  • Best Non-Canine
  • Most Creative Group
  • Best in Parade

Join us in the PNC parking lot at 10:30 am… Designer dogwear optional, but most definitely encouraged.

Register now at!

Meet Manny Cat and Jake Poodles!

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Manny Cat, Aunt Junk, and Jake Poodles

Joining us for the 2012 Sewickley Unleashed Pet Parade will be Manny Cat and Jake Poodles, two furry members of the AfterSchool Buddy Gang.

Afterschool Buddy, Inc. is a multimedia production company that promotes children’s education and entertainment for the important after school hours. Afterschool Buddy and the Gang’s mission is to teach important life lessons like multicultural diversity, caring for the environment, respecting themselves and others, and how to care for our pets.

Afterschool Buddy and the Gang are staple performers at the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta, the Three Rivers Arts Festival, Kennywood Park, the Macy’s Holiday and St. Patty’s Day Parades, and Pittsburgh Pirates games, just to name a few. The production team can also customize children’s shows – for more information, visit them at

Bring the kids and the pets and join us as we walk alongside Manny Cat and Jake Poodles in the Pet Parade, which starts at 10:30 am on Broad Street!


The Cat Digs at the WPHS

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Cats are funny creatures. They like their own space, but they also like being all up in yours.

At the Western PA Humane Society, the cats have a room to climb and explore and scratch everything their hearts desire. The room, given to the WPHS by generous donors, is a comfortable space for the cats to play and socialize.


Easter may be over, but you can still adopt one of our bunnies!

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Even though Easter’s over, you can still adopt one of the many bunnies at the Western PA Humane Society!

Many people think that giving a bunny as an Easter gift is a great surprise for the kids. It is, of course! But sometimes people fail to remember that after the holiday’s over, they’re left with the responsibility and commitment to the new member of the family.

Rabbits are funny and charming companions, they love socializing, and you can even train them to use litter boxes. Read more about bunny-proofing your house, playtime, and litter training your long-eared fuzzy friend here.

At the WPHS, the bunny residents have entire mornings to hang out in a sunny, open room with friendly volunteers. Click the images to enlarge!

This is why we do it: Gretchen and Joey

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Every year, thousands of animals are victims of neglect or abuse. The Western PA Humane Society  investigates more than 1200 cases each year, and gives hope to the animals they rescue.

The following video tells Joey’s story. Joey, a 14 year old rescued Pit Bull who’s also a registered therapy dog, was adopted by one of our own Committee members. As the Director of PR for WPHS, Gretchen Fieser was working on finding Joey a Free Spin Casino $100 No Deposit Bonus Codes when she fell in love with him and made him part of her family.

Watch Gretchen and Joey in this video from last year’s Sewickley Unleashed: This is why we do it.

Although Joey is very ill at this time, Gretchen has filled his last years with nothing but love and happiness.

Gretchen, our thoughts and prayers go out to you during this difficult time.

“To save one life, is as if you saved the world.”

Get ready for Sewickley Unleashed 2012!

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Sewickley Unleashed is back for the third year in a row! Presented by STAR 100.7, the event will be held on Saturday May 19, 2012 from 10 am to 5 pm.

Sewickley Unleashed, an event that benefits the important work of the Western PA Humane Society, will include a street fair and, of course, the Pet Parade for people and pets. Costumes are encouraged and prizes will be awarded!

This year, the street fair will be held in the Green Street parking lot and will feature a ton of pet and family-friendly activities, vendor boutiques, eats and treats, raffles, and of course lots of wonderful adoptable four-legged beneficiaries of the WPHS. STAR 100.7′s Zack Williams will be broadcasting live from 12 pm to 5 pm.

Through Sewickley Unleashed, we hope to bring attention to and raise funds to support the amazing and important work of the Weastern PA Humane Society. The WPHS is committed to operating as an “open-door” shelter, promising to never turn away an animal in need. Last year alone, over 14,000 animals were surrendered to the WPHS.

The amazing caregivers at WPHS are able to make a difference in the lives of thousands of Free Spin Casino $100 No Deposit Bonus Codesless animals because of donor gifts. Join us on Saturday, May 19 for a pawsitively fun day of activities and adorable animals!

Follow us on Twitter ( @swklyunleashed ) and keep checking this blog for the most current information on Sewickley Unleashed!